February/March 2016
I would firstly like to thank you for taking an interest in my work, it really means alot to me. 
The first few months of the year are always very busy for me, January is extremely hectic for wildlife rescue and I have had a lot of birds in care, thankfully most of the chicks have now been released, but I still have some of the cockatoos which need longer rehab time. 
During this time of year I also get out and shoot new work, but also have to do the boring office stuff like backing up files and getting organized for the year!


New Work


As a wildlife carer is devastating to watch old native trees continually get cut down around Sydney to make way for roads & apartment blocks.

The most heartfelt is the light rail project where about 800 trees throughout the city will be chopped down to make way for the project. 

One area of mass removal is the heritage Moreton Bay Fig Trees in Sydney’s eastern suburb of Randwick.  Some of these trees were planted to commemorate the Anzacs and are over 100 years old.   Old trees have natural hollows, which take years to form and are extremely valuable to our nesting local wildlife that rely on the hollows to raise their young.

One rescue that really brought home to me the importance of old trees and their hollows was that of some Kookaburras.

Fellow wildlife bird carer Josh Cook has been on hand to rescue the birds displaced by the felling of the trees in Randwick.  He got a call to go to the local vet and collect an egg and a couple of day old Kookaburras that had been rescued from the scene.

Over the next month, with lots of tender, loving care & time Josh miraculously hand raise them into healthy fully feathered Kookaburras whose futures look very bright now.

They have been named Alison & Darley (name of road intersection they were rescued from) & Anzac who was the ‘real battler” rescued as an egg!  

I have been documenting the growth of these Kookaburras and have released some special prints to help Josh with his $600 a week food bill.  The idea arose from a Go Fund me Campaign set up especially for Josh, which you can read more about it here.

You can view the prints here.



Stockists - Bonny Book


You can now buy my 'Bonny book' from:
My Messy Room, 111 Smith St, Summerhill (Sydney), 
Santos Conservation Centre, Adelaide Zoo, Frome Rd (Adelaide),
E for Ethel, 7/116 Melbourne Street (North Adelaide)
Bonny also has her own Facebook page, here you will be able to keep up to date with stockists, scheduled talks/readings as well as Bonny's frequent visits and antics in my garden!!
You can of course also buy the book from my online shop where I will sign with a personal message.




Platform 72 has moved to St Leonards.  At the moment it is still working progress, the "New Batch" exhibitors are on display, but the plan is to have a print room, so once my work is on display I will let you know.




Remember Opal (Yellow-tail Black Cockatoo),  well her "Go Fund Me" Aviary build  is now built.  We raised $2200 in the end.  Big thanks to all who shared the story or contributed.  You can follow the aviary progress here.


Wildlife Rescue Story


I rescued this Sulphur Crested cockatoo 4 months ago.  He had a severely fractured leg, the wonderful vets at Summerhill Village vet decided to pin his leg.  It was the first time they had ever done such a procedure on a bird. 
He had strict cage rest and had to wear a cone around his neck as he had some 'packing' under his hip to keep the leg in the right position.  Every 2 weeks he was X-rayed and pins tweaked.  8 weeks later the bone had nicely calcified so the pins were taken out (& cone removed!).  He spent another two weeks in his small cage, before being moved to a small aviary, then the large flight one. 
His recovery is amazing.  He has one leg shorter than the other, but that hasn't stopped him, flying and landing as well as using his claw to hold things.
A week before release I could see that he wanted to join the local flock as he was calling and they were visiting.  So one morning when they all came, I released him. 
He's been back a few times for a handout!


Thanks so much for taking the time to read my news.  Next newsletter I will have exhibition news with dates for your diary!
Angela X
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