July 2016
I would firstly like to thank you for taking an interest in my work, it really means a lot to me. 
This month it's all about exhibitions!




This exhibit is part of a campaign to educate people on the animals that are endangered in the Otways. (The Great Ocean Road region in Victoria}.
I have 4 prints in the exhibition (pictured), Spotted Quoll, Bush Stone Curlew, Powerful Owl & White-bellied Sea Eagle.
The aim of the exhibition is not only to raise money but also to create awareness around the fragile biodiversity of the Otway Ranges and create support for the protection of it.
Money raised by the exhibition’s sales will benefit the ‘Threatened Species Research Network’; a  program led by the Conservation Ecology Centre, which identifies and investigates critical knowledge gaps to chart clear courses for conservation of threatened animals.

29th - 31st of July - Arts Inc. Gallery in Apollo Bay, VIC
5th August - 5th of January - Nature Gallery of the Conservation Ecology Centre at Cape Otway, VIC
Programme can be viewed here.


National Bird Week - Feathered Friends


This year for National Bird Week I decided to invite some artist friends and curate a group exhibition.  Here is an introduction to these wonderful artists......
I first met this duo two years ago when they came to my Feathered Heads exhibition.  We naturally formed a friendship due to our love of birds and how we both want our artwork to make a difference to the natural world.

Founded by designers Camila De Gregorio and Christopher Macaluso, Eggpicnic works to educate and inspire. They create vibrant and contemporary illustrations, bringing you the stories of our critically endangered fauna, the environment and our relationship to it.

Lamice is a fellow artist at platform 72.  Her beautiful delicate drawings caught my eye and immediately I thought she would be a great compliment to this group exhibition.
To quote Lamice:

"I am both an artist and a scientist, and my passions fuel and feed off each other, allowing me to create and educate. I utilise my knowledge of the natural environment in my art, and I use my art to remind my audience of beauty and complexity of the world around them.



Exhibition date: 17-23rd October, Platform 72, 62 Atchison st, St Leonards (Sydney).  Coincides with Birdlife Australia's National Bird Week.


Buy my Regent Honeyeater print to donate to TBN


My Regent Honeyeater print is still available to buy & I will donate 20% of online sales to the Threatened Bird Network where it was part of a fundraiser exhibition.


Pop-up exhibition - Garnish Cafe


I am having a stockroom sale of exhibition prints and have been hanging work at Garnish cafe, to date I have sold 5 pieces.  All of this work will never be printed again, all one-off editions at ridiculously low prices!  I have recently added 3 prints that were from an exhibition "Butterflies of the Peruvian Amazon"
Cafe address: 58 Dalhousie St, Haberfield (Sydney)


Thanks so much for taking the time to read my news.  Next month I will have a date and bookings open for my September macro workshop as well as a new portrait service announcement.
Angela X
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