August 2016
I would firstly like to thank you for taking an interest in my work, it really means a lot to me. 
This month is about my workshop, a new portrait service, exhibition & the City2Surf.


Animal Macro Workshop at Centennial Park


I have teamed up with Australian Wildlife Displays to hold a unique animal macro portrait photography workshop at Centennial Park.

You will learn how to take stunning close-up portraits using my specially designed continuous lighting and daylight set-ups.  Your subjects will be a Cockatoo, Tawny Frogmouth, lizard, snake, crocodile, stick insect, scorpion plus more!

I will also talk about my techniques in the field and the importance of shooting with high ethics when you are working with wildlife.  I will also explain why I don't like using flash on wildlife.
I guarantee you will walk away with some stunning shots and get closer than you've ever been to some of Australia's most iconic fauna.
You can view the last sold out Head on Photo Festival workshop here
Student feedback:

"I had a wonderful day at the class. I left feeling so inspired by your work and also the beautiful animals we got to photograph. I have done many workshops over the years and have never had such interesting subjects to photograph nor have I learnt as much as I did at your workshop. I look forward to using my macro lens more and really putting those skills to work.
 Thanks again for a great day – I look forward to doing another workshop with you soon".

Kind regards

As a special VIP member if you apply code WSHOP16 you will get $20 off.  This is an early bird offer and voucher will expire on 31st August.
Book here.


Art Ecology Exhibition


Last month I talked about the Art & Ecology - Threatened Species of the Otways group exhibition I am involved in (read more here).  The opening night sold out and was a great success.
The aim of the exhibition is not only to raise money but also to create awareness around the fragile biodiversity of the Otway Ranges and create support for the protection of it.
The exhibition has now moved to the Nature Gallery of the Conservation Ecology Centre at Cape Otway, VIC and is on display until 5th of January 2017.


Photos by Doug Gimesy


Pet Bird Portraits


Why have someone else's bird on your wall when you can have your own?
I have been asked lots of time to photograph friend's pet parrots, so have decided to set up a special "Bird Photog" service.
So far I have photographed a few Cockatiels, Budgie, Galahs, Lorikeets & a couple of Macaws. 
I'm fully mobile, go to the client, use my continuous lighting set-up or natural daylight.  I'm so used to photographing semi wild and shy birds that I'm finding pet parrots a lot more co-operative!
Full details here.




On Sunday I participated in the Sydney City2Surf.  The motivation was to raise much needed funds for the Wildlife rescue branch (Inner West WIRES) that I volunteer with.  The money raised goes towards vet fees and food, which we as volunteers have to pay out of our own pocket, we then have to rely on donations to be able to get reimbursed.
If you can spare a small amount, you can visit my fundraiser page and donate.


Thanks so much for taking the time to read my news.  Next month I will have a new book announcement, a special offer for National Threatened Species Day as well as more information about the group exhibition I am curating especially for National Bird Week
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