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Process safety: safeguarding life, assets and environment - WorkShop


Lecturer of the workshop - Prof. Sergio Kapusta


       Former head scientist of the "Shell Oil Co ."   


About the WorkShop       
Process Safety is concerned primarily with the identification of potential hazards and hazardous conditions associated with the Chemical Process Industries, the methods of predicting the possible severity of these hazards, and the approaches to controlling or mitigating them. Process safety is different from personal safety, in the topics, challenges, approaches, methods and solutions used.

This intensive workshop introduces participants to modern concepts of process safety, including hazard analysis, design for safety, incident and accident investigation,  risk analysis and risk management. The objective is to develop the knowledge and skills to anticipate and reduce the risks involved in chemical processes, and to use those skills in actual work situations.   


Target Audience
This workshop is targeted at students and practitioners of chemical engineering and other engineering disciplines, who are interested or involved in safety activities. It would also be beneficial to plant managers or other individuals charged with maintaining the safety of perations, such as regulators or designers.


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